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Brisket by Chef Lorraine


I absolutely love brisket, and love it even more the next day!  This brisket is a fabulous prep, leave and cook recipe, with simple easy to find ingredients. If you want really thin slices,  allow it to cool and refrigerate for 24 hours, it’ll be super easy to slice, pour a little sauce over and…
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Blueberry oatmeal squares by Chef Lorraine


I love to bake.  For me its another creative outlet.  The problem is I also LOVE to eat fresh home baked goods.  Over the last couple years of living a healthier lifestyle eliminating sugar and low-glycemic carbs has led me to less conventional baking and more experimenting.  But, having said all that…every once in a…
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Butternut Squash Cake by Chef Lorraine


Love hiding vegetables from your family?  I do! We’re used to using pureed pumpkin & sweet potato and grated zucchini everything at this time of year, why not use squash? By using grated squash, buttermilk & vinegar this cake comes out so moist and flavorful!  Best part, you’ve hidden a large amount of squash from all the…
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Mango salad by Chef Lorraine


One of my favorite foods is salad!  Salad can be made of anything; fruit, nuts, mixed greens, protein, cheese you name it – put it all together in just the right way and you’ve got a salad. I absolutely love this mango salad – it’s simplicity is mind boggling especially when I think about how versatile…
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An "AH-HA MOMENT" Nut Butter Energy Bars – 01/07/15

Originally published as; This is my year! (Recipe For; Nut butter energy bar) Publication date: January 7, 2015 I’ve always wanted to write a blog, probably because I always have so much to say.  But then I thought…just because I have so much to say and I’m so opinionated doesn’t make it interesting to others. …
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Ricotta pancakes by Chef Lorraine

Ricotta Protein Pancakes

I’ve been obsessed with pancakes lately!  Not sure why, but I’ve been making them in every conceivable configuration without using flour in the last few months. Forgot all about a fabulous recipe I used to make years ago that was just ricotta cheese, eggs and some flavoring.  Dairy was omitted from my diet for quite…
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Baked egg in avocado by Chef Lorraine


I’m always looking for ways to enjoy my favorite foods in different ways.  We now know that we need fat to survive and to actually help us burn fat.  But the fats we need to eat have to be one of the “good guys”.  Avocado is one of the really good guys! The majority of…
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Black bean brownies by Chef Lorraine


We all need a treat every once in while, so why not have something that’s good for you as well?!  High in fiber, low in fat, low in calories with a bit of protein as well :0) These black bean brownies can be quite satisfying and they’re great for those that need gluten free, lactose…
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Lentil walnut burgers by Chef Lorraine


This lovely dinner is a Lentil, walnut, quinoa burger, with fresh homemade roasted garlic hummos (I’ll post that recipe shortly) and sliced avocado, roasted asparagus, and my favorite simple chunky fresh raw salad with white wine vinaigrette.  SO simple SO GOOD! During my journey of health and fitness I’ve played with my diet and tweeked…
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