Kitchen Organization

Professional Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Organization

Preparing tasty nutrient dense meals takes time and some preparation.  Without the right tools or the right plan, meals can take forever and may not even happen!

An organized well stocked pantry and fridge makes meal time fast and easy.  Everything in “IT’S PLACE AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING”

Being organized makes short order of cooking but also cuts down on food waste and over-shopping!  Saving money in the long run.

Preparing a grocery list (and sticking to it) based on what you see – or DONT see in your cupboards makes shopping efficient and cost effective.

*I prefer to use a completely Modular system, which are stackable and cohesive.  All containers are see through, and fit from front to back of cupboard with no wasted space.  Making the most of even the smallest, tightest spaces. These containers do not contain BPA’s and come with a lifetime warranty!

*Other organizational products may be required that we will purchased as needed.

*Client will receive an approximate quote on cost of supplies once the initial kitchen assessment is done.  Once approved we book our next appointment.  I will then purchase all the necessary items and return to get you completely organized.

Get Organized

$100/ Hour for TWO professional organizers *Plus the cost of containers & organizational tools

    • Assess your kitchen and plan out storage strategies. Discuss the plan and get your approval
    • I will then purchase all necessary *organization tools & containers
    • Purge & organize all food. Wash all containers and thoroughly clean all surfaces
    • Fill containers, label and refill cupboards, fridge and freezer accordingly

Get Started

Kitchen Organization before and after

Before and after!

Kitchen organization is a process that requires many steps that we will walk through together.
We must start by purging every storage space and decide to;

Once that’s done we will clean every surface.  Then the process of putting “EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING” will begin.

You decide how far we’re going to go.  I do recommend if attacking cupboards/pantries the fridge and freezer should not be neglected.  Like I always say “There’s nothing wrong with being “OCD” because it will be “Only Correctly Done”!

Organizing is ONE-TIME life changing expense.  Once you’re kitchen is straightened out, you’ll NEVER have to do it again!

Allow me to help your kitchen become clever.

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