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Cook At Home With Chef Lorraine

Cook with me is a specialized service I provide for people in their own homes.

You may be a "seasoned" home cook but find your prepping & knife skills may be lacking.  I will help you with that

You want to eat fresh home cooked meals but time is an issue.  I will show you how to prep 3-4 days of meals in advance so that cook to table takes no more than 30 minutes.

Need to perfect your protein? Let me help you with that I'm a pro.

Perhaps you've always wanted to learn how to make hand-made pasta & regional Italian sauces....I do that too!

Cook with me is whatever YOU want it to be.

Cook with Chef Lorraine

Cook With Me

$75 / Hour

  • Cook with me service is a minimum of 2 hours (depending on number of recipes) that will include prep and cook specific previously discussed recipes. We will design your class together based on your culinary interests, dietary restrictions or challenges you may be experiencing in your kitchen. All food, groceries & tools supplied by you.

Shop With Me

$75 / Hour

  • This is usually a one-time service (unless you find you need more help) Please allow 1-2 hours. Not sure what to buy? Do you have dietary restrictions and not sure how to change your shopping to match? Meal planning an issue? Have you started to become more aware of reading food labels and are unsure of what you're reading and what it means to your body? These are all problems many of us face on a weekly basis. Lets have a meet up, discuss your needs and hit the store together, I'll help you every step of the way. Some new ideas, new strategies and nutiriton knowledge!

Shop & Cook With Me

$75 / Hour

  • This service is a minimum 4 hours. Many people find the prospect of meal planning little stressful. We will work on a menu based on your dietary needs & interests. We will then compile the recipes you'll need, plan a shopping list that we will stick to, then we will go shopping together. This will allow us the opportunity to read labels on packaged food and also make sure we're picking the best quality whole ingrediants to work with. Then we'll go home and do the prep and cook for the next couple of days.

The thought of working all day then coming home to cook is often a daunting prospect.  It's certainly much easier to do "drive-thru" or order in...but what is the quality of food your eating?  How is this working for you health wise?

My goal is to help people get back into their own kitchens, use fresh whole food and know what your eating without any "hidden/secret" ingredients.

Whether your a beginner or the most seasoned cook there's ALWAYS room for improvement.

I will take you from a weekly meal plan, to the grocery list of supplies needed to achieve your goals.  Onto the grocery store, and prepping your week for success.

Once you've got the basics of prep and organization under your belt we'll focus on meal preparation based on your dietary needs

All in house cooking lessons are based on 2-4 hour sessions in your own home.  We will focus on everything from proficient knife skills, proper storage of ingredients, the use of herbs & spices to get the most of flavor and of course fast cooking techniques.

Specialty classes are available too! Have you ever wanted to learn how to make hand-made pasta? Do you tend to overcook proteins such as;  steak, chicken & fish? Allow me to show you fast and easy tips, tricks & recipes to make your culinary life richer and easier.

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