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My Mission Statement

Kitchen Clever is deeply committed to helping individuals find their way back into their own kitchens and love it!  I will de-mystify the entire meal plan, grocery list, shopping and prepping experience.  Making meals fun and diverse.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, take control of chronic illness or just eat "cleaner".  I believe all of this is attainable through nourishing the body with fresh whole food.  It's all about planning and preparation.  Allow me to help you "PREP FOR SUCCESS"

Lorraine Powell making cake

Chef Lorraine Powell

I started as a passionate home cook who found my way into culinary classes leading to my certification as a Professional Chef.  I found that my passion didn't lead me to restaurant kitchens but to teaching and helping people find their way around their own kitchens.

I ran a local cooking school for 5 years and through that experience I realized how many people really do want to eat well but didn't necessarily have the tools to accomplish it. Throughout that time I personally experienced some serious health issues that made me take a long hard look at my own eating habits.

I had the knowledge to cook but found I needed and wanted more knowledge about the origins of food, the nutritional values and what foods were heathier choices and perhaps even HEAL the health issues I was experiencing.

October 2014 was the pivotal turning point for me.  I had quit my job a month earlier to take a little time for me!  I needed to figure out a bunch of "stuff".  Since then I've devoted my time to learning, researching and experimenting with whole foods as a way to nourish and heal my body.  A few sides effects; losing a ton of weight and gaining a new respect for what's in our food and what we put our bodies.

Allow me to help you take the guess work out of shopping whole fresh ingredients, prepare efficiently and eat mindfully.

I hope to see you in your kitchen real soon, Bon Appetit!

Chef Lorraine Powell

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